Cloud Mountain Living Arts
The purpose of practice is to reveal that which is hidden

Cloud Mountain Living Arts and Aikido

Located in the heart of Vermont on a flower farm overlooking the Northfield Mountain Range, we teach the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido.

Aikido is a circular, flowing and aerobic martial art that emphasizes throwing, pinning and joint lock techniques rather than strikes and kicks. Conditioning practice cultivates flexibility, core power and the development of internal energy, or ki.

Breathing exercises also promote relaxation and grace under pressure. Classes teach effective martial technique and the meditative and internal aspects of Aikido. Weapons practice includes wooden sword, staff and knife.

Train with Central Vermont’s senior and certified Aikido teachers. Classes are taught by Benjamin Pincus Sensei, 6th Dan, Shidoin, and Heidi Albright Sensei, 5th Dan, Shidoin (fully certified instructors with the United States Aikido Federation).

Aikido Class Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: there are no classes held during the month of August, or on Labor Day. Regular class schedule resumes Thursday, September 7th.

Mondays and Thursdays (Adult classes)
6:00 – 7:15 pm

***Family/Children’s class resumes in September****

Thursdays (Family/Children’s class)
4-5 pm

Family and Children ages 7-12 (ages 5 & 6 must be accompanied by an adult caregiver on the mat). We encourage families to practice together!

Please contact us at in order to reserve a place for your child.

Upcoming Seminars at Cloud Mountain

July 15 & 16, 2017–Didier Boyet, 7th dan, Birankai Shihan and Benjamin Pincus, 6th dan, USAF Shidoin. Aiki-Weapons (Saturday) and Iaido (Sunday). Full details here.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about seminars/workshops, our fee structure, adult classes, children’s classes, family rates? Let us know if you are interested in Aikido, Living Arts, or both!